Instructions on using PAS2.0

Non-examinable courses are final year projects, seminars, practicum and teaching practice courses.

Undergraduate and postgraduate non-examination courses are the responsibility of the departments.

At this time students are not able to make submissions. All submissions will be done at the study centres.

UG non-examinable courses are coordinated by the office of DVC, Academic while PG non-examinable courses are coordinated by the office of the PG School.

The office of the DVC Academic is in the process of streamlining the engagement of supervisors and external moderators. Kindly take note of the details below for necessary action.

At any point in time, centres can check if the submissions have been treated. This can be done by checking when the submission was last updated and who did the update.

Centres can only add students registered in their centres during the course registration period. If you cannot find a student's matric number while adding a submission, check with the student to ensure he has registered and collect evidence of such. After this contact the technical support team (details listed below).

If a project supervisor is not on the list of supervisors for selection for a student, please follow the following steps to resolve the challenge

  • Centres and departments can complete the supervisor details form at  (This will be received by the respective departments after submission)
  • The department checks the profile and supervisor and assesses his/her qualifications and suitability. 
  • If the supervisor is ok, the departmental representative usually the HOD, recommends the supervisor by selecting recommended on the recommendation field.
  • The recommended supervisors will be available for selection after ratification by the DV Academic
  • The office of the DVC academic assigns a unique supervisor number to the supervisor
  • After the supervisor number has been assigned by the office of the DVC Academic, an engagement letter will be printed and distributed by the Registry.


Centres can start adding student non-examinable course submissions.

For technical support on the PAS please contact the following LCMS team members-
Ghenga Atteh -
Hayatu Ibrahim  -
Bashiru Gimba -
Segun Buhari -
LCMS Team -