List of Departments

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Name Faculty Head of Department
Agricultural Economics and Extension D01 Agricultural Sciences pnwandu
Animal Science and Fisheries D02 Agricultural Sciences anjidda
Arts and Social Sciences Education D03 Education oosikomaiya
Business Administration D04 Management Sciences eadegbola
Commercial Law D05 Law fonamson
Computer Science D06 Science fosang
Criminology and Security Studies D07 Social Sciences digwe
Crop and Soil Science D08 Agricultural Sciences bshani
Development Studies D09 Social Sciences rmamman
Economics D10 Social Sciences eajudua
Educational Foundations D11 Education aukwueze
Entrepreneurial Studies D12 Management Sciences Gadibrahim
Environmental Health D13 Health Sciences osaliu
Environmental Science D14 Science iemily
Financial Studies D15 Management Sciences jokoh
Human Kinetics and Health Education D16 Education akolawole
Jurisprudence and International Law D17 Law mishaya
Languages D18 Arts fgbenoba
Law D19 Law
Library and Information Science D20 Education vailakhu
Mass Communication D21 Social Sciences ladelakun
Mathematics D22 Science adisu
Nursing Science D23 Health Sciences ejoseph-shehu
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution D24 Social Sciences siroye
Philosophy D25 Social Sciences oadegboyega
Political Science D26 Social Sciences mogwuche
Private and Property Law D27 Law fanene
Public Administration D28 Management Sciences nibeme
Public Health D29 Health Sciences gokoroiwu
Public Law D30 Law fagama
Pure and Applied Sciences D31 Science mchukwu
Religious Studies D32 Arts meokoronkwo
Science Education D33 Education manaekwe
Tourism Studies D34 Social Sciences mgana
Physics D36 Science fayedun
Chemistry chm Science hkelle
Biology bio Science mchukwu
English Eng00 Arts fgbenoba
Linguistics, Foreign and Nigerian Languages Ling Arts ksarumi
ACETEL ace Science